Government agencies to be sold or eliminated in Puerto Rico

Per internal documents.

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló, has publicly stated that his plan to transform the government will result in the government structure being reduced to 35 agencies from the 114 that are currently in operation, however, the fiscal plan submitted by his administration last Friday to the Fiscal Control Board (FCB) stated that the new government will have "up to 35 agencies."

The document submitted on Friday by the Puerto Rican authorities does not offer more details on the proposal to reduce the government, except for the reorganization plans that have been submitted to the Legislature and that cover only some agencies.

The Governor has refused to give more details of the "right-sizing" process that's under evaluation, but documents obtained and published exclusively by NotiCel show an assessment that might result in less that 35 surviving agencies.

This documents are internal evaluations of the Puerto Rico Fiscal Agency & Financial Advisory Authority. The two set of documents have different goals of "right-sizing". One of them, dated October 9th, points to a government with only 18 agencies. The most recent one, dated October 26th, set the final agency number at 27.

From that October 26th document, we reproduce here the lists of agencies that would remain, those that would be closed and those that would be privatized, or "externalized".


  1. Education
  2. Health
  3. Social Welfare
  4. Public security
  5. Justice Department
  6. Department of Transportation and Public Works
  7. Department of Agriculture
  8. Commerce Department
  9. Department of Labor and Human Resources
  10. Treasury Department
  11. State Department
  12. Land Department
  13. Environment
  14. Culture Department

Independent agencies or dependencies

  1.  Financial Supervision Commission
  2. Public Utilities Commission
  3. National Guard
  4. Puerto Rico Election Comission
  5. Office of Government Ethics
  6. Office of the Electoral Comptroller
  7. Office of the Independent Special Prosecutor

Public Corporations

  1. University of Puerto Rico

Agencies that would be closed

  1. ELA Regional Center Corporation
  2. Education Council
  3. Corporation for the development of the Model Forest
  4. Culebra Conservation and Development Authority
  5. Trust of the National Guard
  6. State Office of Public Energy Policy
  7. State Office of Historic Preservation
  8. Commission for the Development of Cooperatives
  9. Administration of the Horse Racing Industry
  10. Corporation to Develop the Caño Martín Peña
  11. Integral Development Company of the Cantera Peninsula
  12. Cockfights Affairs Commission
  13. Boxing Commission
  14. Centers of Sports Development 
  15. SAAPE Program
  16. Economic Development Bank
  17. Authority for the Financing of Infrastructure
  18. Agricultural Insurance Corporation
  19. National Parks (to be transferred to municipalities to be operated)
  20. Industrial Commission
  21. Independent Office of Consumer Protection

To be sold

  1. WIPR - Puerto Rico Public Broadcasting Corporation
  2. Loan portfolio of the Economic Development Bank
  3. Loan portfolio of the Administration for the Financing of Housing
  4. Automobile Accident Compensation Administration
  5. State Insurance Fund Corporation
  6. Comprehensive Cancer Center
  7. Performing Arts Center Corporation
  8. Fine Arts Center Corporation
  9. Conservatory of Music Public Corporation
  10. School of Plastic Arts
  11. World Plaza Building - (Property of Authority for the Financing of the Infrastructure of Puerto Rico)

To be externalized (As a concession or P3 agreement)

  1. Statistics Institute (Concession or agreement with the Federal Government))
  2. Planning Board (Concession or agreement to the Federal Government) 
  3. Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (Transfer of prisioners to USA prisons) 
  4. Collection offices (Treasury Department / DTOP)
  5. Pensions and Retirement Systems (401k private plans)
  6. Public Hospitals: Medical Services Administration Medical Center, Cardiovascular Center of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Corporation, University Hospital, Psychiatric Hospital.
  7. Public Building Authority
  8. Regional Airports
  9. Public SeaPorts
  10. Maritime Transport Authority
  11. Electric Power Authority (PREPA)
  12. Puerto Rico Aqueducts and Sewers Authority (PRASA)
  13. Highways and Transportation Authority

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