Reguetón Show Brings Together a Curious Duo of Public Officials

The United States Attorney (USA) for the District of Puerto Rico, Rosa Emilia Rodríguez Vélez, was one of hundreds of persons captured on Social Media enjoying the historic series of concerts of reguetón duo Wisin and Yandel.

In itself, that would be an attention grabber, but it turned out to be even more so when she was seen alongside Jenniffer González, current Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico, an elected non-voting position in the United States Congress.

As congresswoman, González is the voice from Puerto Rico that can most influence federal appointments for service in Puerto Rico, be it district court judges, Executive Branch positions and even on who leads the United States Attorney's office, like Rodríguez Vélez.

In turn, Rodríguez Vélez is the officer that represents the federal Executive Branch in Puerto Rico.

The USA’s office confirmed her presence at the show, highlighting that it was for a birthday party of a person that was not named.

Even though González took the opportunity to dance to the rhythm of the music, as seen in a video, published by an Enrique Lugo in his personal Facebook page, Rodríguez Vélez is seen recording the show with her phone.

In recent days, Rodríguez Vélez has done radio interviews to defend the image of Puerto Rico Attorney General, Wanda Vázquez Garced, who had to take a temporary leave of absence from her position amidst an investigation of the Special Independent Counsel’s Office for her supposed illegal intervention in a case against a man accused of breaking and entering into a house where the Secretary's daughter and her then boyfriend slept.

In the Secretary's stead, Governor Ricardo Rosselló named Olga Castellón, whose currently a subordinate of Rodríguez Vélez since she's an appointed Assistant United States Attorney for the District of Puerto Rico that had been serving as Chief Prosecutor in Puerto Rico's Department of Justice in a special assignment.

You may see the video here: