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Puerto Rican treasure, Ron del Barrilito, makes history

New limited edition will be available in August

Founded in the 1797 Hacienda Santa Ana, home of the renowned Ron del Barrilito Two and Three Stars, Edmundo B. Fernandez, Inc. announced the worldwide launch in the coming weeks of Ron del Barrilito Five Stars. This is the first collectible edition of rum presented by Ron del Barrilito in more than 138 years, establishing a new era of the supreme quality of Puerto Rican rums.

Approximately 2,500 bottles will be produced of this first edition and consists of a blend of aged rums in 'Oloroso' white oak casks for up to 35 years, handmade with the same craftsmanship and tradition that has prevailed in this Puerto Rican brand since 1880. The first 200 bottles of Ron del Barrilito Five Stars will be presented in a wooden chest, handcrafted by Puerto Rican artisan Gil Rodríguez. Inside the chest will be an elegant, numbered bottle, maintaining the elements of the original label that have distinguished Ron del Barrilito, the oldest rum in Puerto Rico.

Behind this historic creation is the original recipe and vision of the Fernández Family and the experience of another great Master Blender, M. Luis Planas, an industry veteran with more than 35 years of experience in crafting rums. 'Ron del Barrilito is much more than a fine aged rum; this product is recognized and praised by rum and cognac connoisseurs worldwide as a true Puerto Rican treasure,' says Planas.

'Ron del Barrilito Five Stars was conceived for the rum connoisseur, who collects high-quality spirits and savor their careful craftsmanship,' adds Planas.

This limited edition of 2,500 bottles will be on sale beginning in August 2018. The bottles will be priced starting at $750 per bottle. For more information, please call Hacienda Santa Ana: 787-785-3490 from Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm EST or visit www.rondelbarrilito.com.

Ron del Barrilito Cinco Estrellas. (Suministrada)