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SOL Partners Enters the 'Coworking' Spaces Market

The most recent initiative of SOL Partners seeks to create a productive and collaborative work space for local and foreign entrepreneurs who want to progress in their businesses and be provided with the tools and amenities necessary to meet their goals.

This is CoSpazio, a coworking space based on membership to be premiered on the fourth floor of the Caribbean Office Building at the entrance of the Isleta de San Juan. It was recently promoted during the CIO <> <> <> <><> <><><><><><>& IT Leadership Conference./p

SOL Partners CEO and NotiCel owner Mark E. Curry described the CoSpazio concept as 'an intelligent, progressive and collaborative environment,' where professionals from all over the Island can meet and where they can conduct their business with all the necessary supplies and even free beer./p

Although CoSpazio will operate primarily under subscription, the manager, María Ortiz, told NotiCel that services will also be available for daily all-inclusive rentals./p

Although the jobsite market is growing slowly in Puerto Rico with places like Piloto 151 in Old San Juan and Engine-4 in Bayamón, CoSpazio seeks to attract local entrepreneurs and those who would establish themselves in the Island to capitalize on local incentives. 'We differentiate ourselves in the niche we are looking for, in the target market that are 'professional entrepreneurs' and in the community we want to establish where locals and 'relocating' - those who are moving - can be found there and possibly business opportunity, 'said Ortiz who also indicated that they will hold events within the space for its members./p


With an area of ​​4,000 square feet, CoSpazio has eight private offices, four conference rooms and a collaborative open space with everything including a regular office, and a receptionist. Ortiz noted that subscription models are flexible, providing daily, weekly, monthly and even annual commitments for their offices, conference rooms and the lounge. They also have a 'virtual office membership' where they handle correspondences.br /

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'There are different people from different industries and clear areas to drink coffee. There is free beer so you can work and after five you can drink a beer and maybe talk to someone in your industry and promote interconnectivity, collaboration between people,' Ortiz explained.br /

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CoSpazio will be opening very soon, but Ortiz said she's available now for CoSpazio inquiries through her email maria.ortiz@solpartnerspr.com/pimg embed-content-articleid='609131905' embed-content-groupid='593030471' embed-content-id='609131906' embed-content-index='0' embed-content-type='GALLERY' src='https://ntc-legacy-assets.s3.amazonaws.com/photo/2017/03/14/004969ccc0259709ba32ecc3e47e8a75_8117567_ver1.0_320_240.jpg' /

Mark E. Curry, CEO of SOL Partners (Brandon Cruz for NotiCel)
Mark E. Curry, CEO of SOL Partners (Brandon Cruz for NotiCel)